Is this how we treat our war veterans?


Two weeks ago, Vukovar was declared a city of piety. What Auschwitz is to the Jews, that is what Vukovar is to Croats. Cyrillic in Vukovar is what the swastika is in Auschwitz – unacceptable. Vukovar is a sacred city, but it is also an eerie city, where the birds stopped singing a long time ago. Humanity must never forget the horror of Vukovar, and yet, that horror continues on today.


Canadians and Americans from coast to coast  paused this week, to honor the sacrifices our soldiers and war veterans made for our freedom. While Rememberance Day and Memorial Day ceremonies  were held on Monday in the USA and Canada, a Croatian war veteran was brutally beaten by a  Croatian police officer while attempting to remove a bilingual Cyrillic sign on a government building in Vukovar. The war veteran, Darko Pajčić, was no ordinary war veteran. He was only 18 years when he dropped out of school, equipped with only his running shoes and a rifle, to defend his beloved Vukovar.  To add salt to the wound, the Croatian officer responsible for the beating was a Serb, who fought against Croatian forces in 1991. 


This morning, Croatian Minister of Internal Affairs, Ranko  Ostojić, stated that ‘alcohol is to blame’ for the incident.  Really, Mr.  Ostojić? Was alcohol to blame for this war veteran, who likely suffers from PTSP, to lie there injured in his own blood while police officers stand around and  debate whether to call for medical help?  Was alcohol to blame for the war from ’91-95? Is this how we treat our war veterans? When did a bilingual sign, a sign that should not even be there, become more important than a human life?

It is time for action! The Association for the Defense of Vukovar needs to rally and the people of Croatia need to stand up for the the rights of CROATIAN people, not always focusing on a small minority that makes up the population. It is time that our war veterans be treated with dignity and respect! It is time that government institutions employ Croats, and not those that ravaged our homeland! It is time for Croatia to rid themesleves of the red communists that are leading this country given to us from God,  into complete destruction! It is time for this Serbian man disguised in a Croatian police uniform to be brought to justice!


9 thoughts on “Is this how we treat our war veterans?

  1. Bit late I know, but it just goes to show what lengths the Croatian government will go to be accepted in Europe. At the cost of their own integrity and honour. I remember watching the fighting and fall of Vukovar at the time, and was horrified that it could happen in our time. I know one man who was about 20 at the time and fought for his city of birth, and he believes that, even for those who survived, a whole generation of Vukovar was wiped out. So to see this playing out after all these years is sickening.

    Great post, well said.

    • Thank you Ana for your comment. I get nauseous thinking about the lengths and extremes this government has gone to all for the sake of belonging to a union that doesn’t even want them.

      Come visit again!!

  2. The Croatian government will sell out everything and everyone for a piece of the EU, which will ultimately give them nothing back. They have absolutely no understanding of their people, their country, their culture, nor do they have a vision for the future or any qualities that make them worthy leaders. This is yet another remnant of communist attitudes which destroy everything good in society.

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